Newsletter editor

Newsletters can be created quickly and easily in KundenMeister.

We are happy to design one or more individual templates for you, which you can use for each newsletter.

You then simply write the e-mail text online in the KundenMeister, format the content using the toolbar and insert tables and images. Of course you can address your customers personally in the newsletter.

As soon as you have added a salutation field, KundenMeister has access to your clients’ contact details and is able to write in the fitting name.

With the help of mailing lists it is possible to transmit different newsletters to different target groups. (e.g. Newsletter including information about red wine for those customers who have bought red wine within the last year)

Furthermore, you also have the chance to congratulate your clients to their birthday via Birthday newsletter, which is sent automatically by KundenMeister.

Step 1

The first step of your newsletter should always be to create a template. This can be done by us or by you. The template is used to provide headers and footers with data, logo etc. so that you do not have to enter recurring information each time.

Step 2

Then you select your template in the marketing module and use it as a basis for all other information in your mailing. There are no limits: you can use text, image, link or button elements to design your newsletter according to your wishes.

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