Project Controlling

The term project controlling refers to all processes for project planning and control. The KundenMeister as project management software has a comprehensive project controlling system that supports you in the best possible way in monitoring your project times as well as in the entire project control. By constantly comparing the target and actual status of your projects, deviations from targets can be detected at an early stage and countermeasures initiated. Costs and processes of your projects can thus be optimized and ideally aligned to the requirements of the entire project coordination.

Our web-based project management software offers a comprehensive project overview that can be accessed by your employees independent of time and location. For each individual project, you also have the option of using additional controlling instruments, such as detailed project calculation and project time recording.

Project time recording means that you can check with the CustomerMaster very precisely whether the project is within the planned time frame or not. Linked to the time tracking module, it is thus possible to see whether individual activities take longer than previously estimated, so that you can replan your resources in good time.

Another advantage of the CustomerMaster is the reports generated in the controlling software. Here, all times booked to the project as well as costs incurred, such as personnel costs, are visible. The evaluation within these reports is partly also done in graphic form, so that the times are clearly displayed in diagrams according to activities and employees.

Since a link to the KundenMeister invoice module is also possible, project controlling allows the recording of already paid and still outstanding invoices for the project. So you also have your financial status always at a glance!

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