With the KundenMeister CRM reports, you always have your marketing, sales, and support figures in view.

CRM Reports – Analytical Tool and Decision Base

The KundenMeister CRM reports provide you with real-time data and analysis across all areas of your company. Whether e-mail marketing click rates, forecast sales or outstanding invoices, with the KundenMeister CRM reports you can determine key figures at the touch of a button to be able to plan further measures accordingly. The KundenMeister analyzes an enormous amount of data and presents it clearly in the form of graphics and diagrams. The CRM reports are based on relevant information from all departments, linking them together and thus serving as an important basis for decision-making for management.

CRM Reports for Better Insight Into Customer Needs

Gain deeper insights into the needs and behaviors of your customers with the KundenMeister CRM reports. Individual key figures provide information about the performance of departments or individual actions in marketing or sales. Benefit from the extensive reporting of the KundenMeister CRM software and thus build long-term customer relationships.

Newsletter Reports

In the field of e-mail marketing, the KundenMeister offers you extensive newsletter reports, with which you can retrieve important key figures, such as opening or click-through rates, at any time. Not only that your newsletters can continuously be optimized based on the reading behavior of your customers, but also, the evaluation of hard and soft bounce rates enables a continuous improvement of your contact management and thus ensures a continuously updated customer database.

Sales Opportunities Reports

Get to know your customers’ behavior better and align your sales activities by industry, sales phase or sales channel – with the KundenMeister opportunities reports you always have your leads and sales in view. Forecasted sales are displayed by various criteria, such as source, sales cycle, time history, etc., for the entire company, but also for individual users. Each salesperson can easily compare his own performance with that of his colleagues. In addition, a dedicated sales funnel, Funnel Opportunities, gives you an overview of how many leads are in each stage of your sales process and what sales this is.

Sales Goals Reports

With the KundenMeister CRM reports, you define monthly sales targets for your sales employees and partners, and at the push of a button, you make a target/actual comparison of your total sales. It can be seen at a glance whether you have already reached your goal or what percentage still lacks the desired planned turnover. The views can be displayed individually for each year and person.

Invoice Reports

The KundenMeister accounting reports provide you with a detailed insight into open and already paid invoices. The presentation of the results can be done individually according to user-defined periods. In addition, the CRM reports in the area of finance also represent those revenues that you generate on a fixed basis based on invoices issued. Not only do you keep an eye on your finances, you can also adjust your dunning accordingly.

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