Sales promotion

Sales promotion means all marketing activities that lead to an increase of the sales numbers of a company and motivating target groups to make purchases through specific incentives. Especially for sales managers the optimisation and enhancement of sales promotion is an important and compounding aspect of their day-to-day business. Technical help as a sales management software has always proven helpful to look at all important data at a glance and to manage sales-promoting measures efficiently.

The KundenMeister sales software provides the ideal basis for a successful sales promotion within the areas of lead management, sales management and sales controlling with its various features.

Because there are many further modules additional to a comprehensive sales management system within the KundenMeister sales tool, for example contact management, marketing measures or projects, they can be combined in an optimal way. Thereby, all measurements taken with the KundenMeister software can be coordinated and integrated workflows secured – whether for customer acquisition through newsletter mailings or ideal sales promotion by project management.

Not just your lead management will benefit from using KundenMeister as sales promotion tool. Existing customer relationships can also be intensified and encouraged by adjusting the sales strategy to operational marketing activities in the long term. Because the KundenMeister sales tool stores all relevant data connected to a contact within a database, this data can be sustainably used for sales and sales promotion. You can for example see at a glance, all the areas of interest of one customer as well as products he or she has already bought. This information can be easily accessed in the KundenMeister and subsequently ideally used for customer visits or mailings, as the customers will only receive relevant offers.

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