Incoming Invoices

Everything has its price. Keeping with us you can keep an eye on your costs.

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With our smart tool, you gain transparency and an overview of costs and incoming invoices, so that each of your decisions is based on sound information. Although we cannot relieve you of your cost planning and control, we can make it much easier for you.

Recording costs

A module that works the way you need it to.

Of course, success and traceability can only be achieved if our system is 100% tailored to your company. And that’s exactly why with our cost accounting tool, we give you a tool with which you can flexibly record all your cost centres, cost units and cost types yourself.

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Posting & editing

With us even incoming invoices are fun

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But believe us when we say that you will record all costs incurred in the provision of your services with KundenMeister as systematically as never before.

As soon as you receive an incoming invoice, it can be digitally displayed quickly and easily – including rebates, discounts and payment terms. The filing of documents ensures optimum traceability.

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Counting beans was yesterday. With KundenMeister, you have a meaningful control instrument at your disposal that illuminates your costs at all levels, uncovers optimization potential and thus becomes your best friend in future investment planning.
Managing payments

Transparency on all levels

No matter whether it is a subdivision or across organisations – map all your cost and value flows with the KundenMeister. Thanks to the assignment to orders, products and cost centres, our system can access different views and guarantees completely transparent data for a permanent ability to provide information.

And because we really do play it safe, release authorizations ensure that your decision-makers are provided with the necessary information.

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Strict cost management

Smart as a whip. Or the KundenMeister.

With us you can not look into the future, but you can prepare yourself optimally for it. KundenMeister cost evaluation allows you to clearly identify your profitability and the potential of your capital investment, thus ensuring successful business management.

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With KundenMeister a successful management of incoming invoices and cost control is achieved. Discover all key features and advantages.
Real-time data for informed decisions
Cross-organizational and subdivisional analyses
Ongoing monitoring of the earnings situation
Optimal support for investment planning
higher cost transparency than with Excel & Co.