Invoice report

The KundenMeister invoice report helps you to keep track of company turnover and invoices.

Invoice report

The invoice report of KundenMeister helps you to keep track of company turnover and invoices.

By the use of this report you are able to look through your annual sales figures at the push of a button, which are also shown graphically. Furthermore, you also get an insight into paid and unpaid invoices and you can compare them easily. Moreover, also the amount of invoices within one year is shown by the invoice report as well as their gross and net amount. Via analyses you are able to manage your finances at the company efficiently and an ideal billing can be guaranteed.

The graphics and evaluations of the financial report are described in detail in the manual.

Detailed sales statistics based on your invoices

Payments can thus be easily recorded and open items evaluated. The KundenMeister also provides a product management function so that article master data can be recorded, assigned to customers and invoiced at any time. Due to the flexible and modular system beautiful invoice templates can be defined. The KundenMeister also supports electronic invoices. Invoices can be found at any time using comprehensive search functions. Through the integration into the CRM, it is also possible to see at any time in the customer administration module which services have been invoiced to which customers.