Customer management

The KundenMeister contact management enables you to optimally manage your target groups.

Professional software for contact management

Addressing customers personally and building long-term customer relationships is becoming increasingly important, as acquiring new customers can be up to five times more expensive than retaining existing customers. The KundenMeister contact management software gives you a complete overview of every customer, partner or prospect in your entire company. With quick and easy access to all relevant contact information, your partners, customers and potential customers will feel the professionalism of your company.

Easy market segmentation with the contact software

The contact software of KundenMeister supports you in the sustainable care of your customers and contacts! At the push of a button you can create a contact list, differentiate between company and personal data and finally create contact groups in order to optimally adjust all sales and marketing activities to your target groups. No matter if customer, employee or supplier, with the contact management software of KundenMeister you can collect a lot of information about your stakeholders and segment them according to various criteria in the easiest way in KundenMeister. Distribution lists and contact groups allow you to send out personalized newsletters in the customer management program.

Contact form

With the contact form of our contact data management the segmentation of your target groups is even easier. Thanks to the design of individual forms with our form editor, you can define the fields to be filled in yourself and thus query exactly those target group data that are really relevant for your business. The forms can be easily integrated into your website, so that all information is automatically transferred to the contact software and used for further CRM measures.


In order to create a complete contact list, KundenMeister offers the possibility to connect to other programs and systems in order to take over all relevant contact data from Excel documents, booking lists etc.

Via the KundenMeister CRM interfaces to the following programs are possible:

  • Merchandise management systems
  • ERP-solutions
  • Datenbases
  • MS-Office-programs
  • Accounting programs
  • Booking systems

The KundenMeister can obtain address and contact data from all these programs. Of course, KundenMeister only accesses the data that you release for the interface. The data synchronization takes place – after release – automatically and in real time.

Improved customer service thanks to extensive contact history

No matter if you have previous correspondence, appointments or documents, with one click you have full access to the entire contact history and can use it for your CRM. Different notes can be added to each customer so that you can see exactly which services you have performed for which customer so far. This means that the date and type of previous communication with each customer can be tracked via the history. Here you can record telephone calls, appointments, letters, faxes, e-mails and campaigns. In this way, you also have quick access to quotations, orders, invoices and other documents.

Online contact management

Thanks to the web-based interface, KundenMeister contact management is available online. This means that you have access to CRM contact management from any location with an Internet connection and can control and monitor your marketing and sales activities at any time. The web-based customer database is thus also available to your sales representatives without restrictions, so that the contact manager can be accessed via iPhone. The preparation and follow-up of meetings becomes child’s play with the contact management. In addition, the software’s calendar ensures optimal scheduling, while the intelligent contact map enables efficient visit planning.