Analysis of newsletters

To be able to measure the success of your email newsletter campaigns, the KundenMeister creates newsletter reports for you.

Success measurement thanks to newsletter reports

Through E-mail newsletters you are able to address your clients with your promotional message. By clicking on the link in the newsletters your customers can see your web presence. Such links can be analysed by a so-called evaluation software. This software counts every click automatically and enables an analysis of customer contacts.

Your advertisements can be represented as classified ads, which are embedded in your text passages or can also be shown as banner in E-mails with HTML format. Furthermore, your E-mails can also include your ads alone.

Campaign statistics

The newsletter reports  provide a great overview of your transmitted E-mail campaigns. At each campaign it is shown how many clients received the newsletter and how many customers were attracted by the campaign. KundenMeister also shows occuring error messages and analyses them automatically.

At the E-mail newsletter reports the software differentiate between Hardbounces, which occur due to steady errors (for example if the mail address of a recipient does not longer exist) and Softbounces that appear because of temporary errors (e.g. if the mailbox of a recipient is overflowed)

KundenMeister shows all contacts with error messages so that you are able to adjust these mail addresses. Thus, the contact details for your newsletter transmission get better each time.

The newsletter reports give you an overview of your sent e-mail campaigns. For each sent campaign you can see at a glance to how many recipients the e-mail newsletter was sent to and how many recipients you actually reached. The KundenMeister automatically analyzes error messages that come back and shows you these clearly.

In the e-mail newsletter reports, the KundenMeister also distinguishes between so-called hard bounces, which are caused by permanent errors, for example when the recipient’s e-mail address does not (no longer) exist, and soft bounces, which are generated when temporary problems occur. A soft bounce can occur, for example, when a recipient’s mailbox is full.

The KundenMeister displays the contacts of all incorrect e-mail addresses directly. This way you can correct these e-mail addresses with one click. This way not only your contact data but also your whole CRM process will get better and better with every e-mail sent.