Newsletter Recipients

By using mailing lists you are able to structure your contact details on basis of your clients’ interests.

Interests and contact details in one database

A newsletter that inform about red wine offerings will get better feedback from red wine drinkers than from drinkers of white wine. Mailing lists provide help in detecting red wine drinkers.

You have multiple options for the addressing of the right customers. On the one hand you have the possibility to create your own form for your website with the form editor of KundenMeister. Due to this form you are able to enquire interests of your clients (e.g. red or white wine). On the other hand you can also develop product and calculation evaluations. On basis of this evaluations you can assign your contacts to contact groups or mailing lists. Due to the fact that recipients only read newsletters that consist of information in which they are personally interested, these procedures guarantee a successful newsletter campaign.