Bid Management

Due to the possibility to link your contacts and products to the KundenMeister bid management, bids and invoices can be generated with a few clicks.

Effective sales with offer management

When it comes to standing out from a large number of companies with their offerings, time and quality are key success factors in offering management. Informative content, quick feedback to potential customers and efficient offer management increase the attractiveness of your offer and thus contribute significantly to sales success. Bottlenecks in staff and time, however, often lead to administrative activities, such as the writing of offers, being lost in the company. With the KundenMeister you are offered an effective tool for successful offer management. At the push of a button, you have access to all important customer and product data and can thus realize a quick quotation.

Timely and customized offers with the offer management software KundenMeister

With our offer management software from KundenMeister you can create and send offers in just a few clicks. Our software’s modular offer generator ensures that your documents are processed quickly and automates the entire process of your offer management. Due to the link to other modules of the offer management software, customer and product data are used for the creation of offers from the database, so that all relevant contents are automatically filled in the offer mask. All you have to do is select the recipient of the offer and the different product items and delivery addresses, product information, tax rates and discounts are transferred directly to the offer management software. Processing and throughput times in sales can therefore be significantly reduced with the help of structured information preparation. For a customer-oriented preparation of quotations, additional fields are also available for the subsequent addition of discounts, surcharges or additional information.

Management of offerings – benefits:

  • No local software is needed. So, every employee is able to write offerings by using e.g. an iPad.
  • All offerings are saved within one software solution
  • You can easily look up which offering customers have received and you are able to retrace the status of each offering.

Individual layout for your offers

Individual quotation templates ensure further optimisation and acceleration of your quotation management. The footer and header area of your offers can be easily standardized so that important company data such as logo, address or company register number can always be found at the right place in the offer and do not have to be entered manually for each offer. If different information is required for each of your company divisions or business areas, this can also be handled easily using so-called order circles and individual templates in the appropriate layout.

Convenient shipping & easy quotation tracking

Our offer management software is also characterized by uncomplicated shipping and easy offer tracking. At the push of a button your offers can be generated as PDF for mail dispatch or as print file for postal dispatch. If you send your offers by e-mail, the text and layout of the e-mail can also be defined here using the offer templates and personalised for customers using placeholders. The type of dispatch is also noted directly in the order management software for easier checking of offers. Order phases and a structured offer overview also contribute to an efficient offer tracking and thus make the status (e.g.: offer signed) of your offers as well as made down payments visible to your employees at a glance. Further steps, such as the generation of an order confirmation after the customer has accepted the offer, can be carried out directly in the offer management software with just one click. So nothing stands in the way of quick customer communication and efficient offer management!