Offerings Overview

By the use of the offerings-overview your sales employees will gain a great glimpse into several orders of your company, so that an ideal customer service can be ensured.

Optimal customer service thanks to overview of offers

The offerings-overview shows which offerings have been generated and sent to the different customers. Also the status of the offering, e.g. if it was signed or not, can be easily defined via KundenMeister. Thus, your and your sales employees gain a great insight into the offering-processes of your company and can manage them efficiently.

Your advantages of the offer management

  • Every employee can write an offer completely without local software, i.e. also directly via an iPad
  • All offers are recorded centrally in one solution
  • For each customer, you can see which offer this customer has already received and the status of the offers
  • How to create a new order is explained step by step in our manual.