Sales and Purchases

The KundenMeister storage software enables the rapid processing of purchases and sales of goods.

Current Data Immediately Available

You save tedious, duplicate data entry by using relevant customer and article information directly from other modules in the system.

One of the biggest problems in inventory management is the availability of up-to-date and necessary data. If a product is charged, the invoice usually shows the quantities sold, individual and total prices, as well as product descriptions. Quite expensive, if this information would have to be entered manually every time and, even more, if then data such as price or customer address would change!

But with the KundenMeister CRM software, information is generated automatically. Whether buying or selling, you type in the name of the customer/supplier as well as the relevant goods and mark the responsible warehouse location. All further details, such as address data, prices, stock reductions or increases are then automatically generated.

A particular advantage of the KundenMeister ERP system is above all the “alarm” if the minimum stock is not reached or if there are shortages. This means that a message appears directly when the invoice is generated as soon as you offset a quantity from a certain warehouse that is either no longer available or falls below the safety stock. This is the only way to optimally coordinate your warehouse processes and ensure a smooth transition from billing, reordering, etc.

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If goods are sent back by customers who have already been paid, a credit note creation is necessary. This is in KundenMeister done automatically. You generate an order, enter customer and product and all other information will be sourced from the other KundenMeister modules. As soon as you create the credit memo, the stock of the respective warehouse is then increased by the relevant amount.

How to generate a credit is explained step by step in our manual.