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Perfect organization down to the smallest detail and customer service that will amaze your customers – with the KundenMeister this becomes a reality. Because we develop ultimate modules: for ultimate projects, tasks, events and the ultimate way of having customer loyalty.


Make it a showcase

Whether thousands of projects or one: with the KundenMeister your project management becomes so efficient that you want to work with it all day.

No matter how many of your colleagues are working on the project or how tight a deadline is – the KundenMeister project software is the perfect tool to keep an eye on everything. Tasks are done at the right time, documents can be found quickly, communication is seamless and you don’t even break a sweat.

Resource plan KundenMeister Project Management

You can do these tasks blindfolded!

Those who manage their tasks with the KundenMeister can start the day completely relaxed. It gives you an overview of everything that is pending at the push of a button, shares tasks with others and lets you and your team work better together.

Recurring operations, task comments and manageable views make your daily responsabilities anything but common. Because this software motivates you to better organize, prioritize and get more things done.

Contact Tasks KundenMeister Project Management

When cooperation is given a name

A classic to-do list fulfills its purpose, but we at KundenMeister clearly prefer a clear, well-cut structure when it comes to important projects and tasks.

And that’s why we have developed a module with our boards that enables you to visually manage tasks and ensures that your projects follow a clear process and common goals are achieved more quickly. Because we bring flexibility and order to your work. And a new module in the KundenMeister.

Because your time
is valuable

We bring transparency, efficiency and simplicity into the KundenMeister time recording. And we make sure that every hour and minute counts – regardless of the number of employees, locations or working time models.

We support you in identifying time wasters and reducing personnel costs, while you never lose sight of your team’s working hours, overtime, and absences. Managing your workforce becomes a piece of cake due to mobile time recording and real-time analysis.

Time Tracking Analysis KundenMeister CRM

A place for
your files

And you can access it from all devices: our document management system opens up completely new possibilities for you. You create a clear directory tree, drag files from your desktop into the KundenMeister in a flash and share your documents with others via a link.

Always traceable, securely stored and accessible from anywhere – this makes your collaboration easier and is document management at the highest level.

Documents Overview KundenMeister DMS

Never miss important
appointments again

Our online schedule planner enables an efficiency that you are guaranteed to notice. The calendar uses different views and categories to optimally structure your working routine and to work together with your team.

Automatic reminders and synchronization with your devices make our calendar the perfect companion – for your work and every appointment.

Calendar Module KundenMeister CRM

Knowledge beyond the screen

You and your employees deliver every day results. From morning to night. And that’s exactly why our Wiki now supports the simple and efficient exchange of information, makes knowledge available at the push of a button and provides you with answers to all your questions – no matter where you are.

Satisfied customers thanks to faster answers and smarter solutions. You are guaranteed to know better – with the KundenMeister Wiki.

Wiki Module KundenMeister Knowledge Management

Every event
a highlight.

With our software, your event planning is in safe hands. With us, your customers can not only conveniently register for events online, but also can experience your seminars, concerts, etc. with all their senses.

They will hear from us when moving up from the waiting list or when there are new courses on offer, they can download their personal certificate and see how fast admission is going thanks to the QR code ticket scanner. Just wow!

New Event KundenMeister Event Management

Become an organization
and service expert

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How costumer
care works

In order to look after your customers even faster and better, our support ticket system records all support requests in a central location, prepares them clearly for your team and enables unbelievable workflow efficiency.

Simply assign and prioritize, while personal customer communication takes place directly on our service platform. The perfect interplay of service quality, teamwork and solution orientation and the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Create new ticket

Customer portal. A place for every matter.

We give you a place for everything. For support inquiries and invoices. For job advertisements and application documents. For purchased products and event tickets.

But besides that, we give you a customer portal with which you can stay up-to-date, share important information and documents with your customers and develop new options for interactive communication and additional sales strategies.

Customer Portal Profile KundenMeister CRM

Meaningful knowledge
at the push of a button

It has never been easier to get feedback from target groups and to derive measures for greater corporate success from meaningful data.

We do not only help with collecting and measuring opinions, the KundenMeister pursues the motto: Little to set up, a lot to learn. And that’s exactly why you can create attractive surveys with exactly the right question types for the right target group and over the appropriate time period in just a few clicks. There is no way to do it more correctly!

Create Survey KundenMeister Survey Software