E-Mail Integration

E-mail integration is an interface between e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and the KundenMeister.

Link to E-Mail Account

The contacts can be linked to an e-mail account and e-mails can be queried. Attachments can be saved and added to the documents of a contact. E-mails from assigned contacts can also be displayed directly in the projects.

What is possible with e-mail integration?

  •     Create global e-mail accounts
  •     Edit global e-mail accounts
  •     Check global e-mail accounts
  •     To associate contacts with an e-mail account
  •     Link projects to an e-mail account
  •     To query e-mails
  •     Save attachments
  •     Add attachments to the documents of a contact

What is not possible with e-mail integration?

E-mail integration is no substitute for full e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. The following things are therefore not possible:

  •     To reply to e-mails
  •     Forward e-mails
  •     To set multiple folders for one contact
  •     To put more than one account at a time for a contact
  •     To archive e-mails
  •     Delete e-mails
  •     To move e-mails
  •     Open more than one e-mail at a time

How to set up global e-mail accounts for integration, read here.