Task Management

KundenMeister allows you to define different tasks and allocate them to responsible employees in order to ensure an efficient task management

Better Organization with the KundenMeister Task Management Tool

The task management software KundenMeister provides you with a complete overview of all tasks, previously invested working hours and deadlines. With our task management tool you are able to complete activities on time and to prioritize them. Thanks to various task categories, you can optimally plan and organize your daily business. Due tasks are automatically moved to the so-called ‘Today’ category by the KundenMeister task management, so that you can complete all tasks on time.

Central System for all CRM Tasks

With the KundenMeister task planning software you can create new tasks at the push of a button, assign these employees and colleagues, and simply determine which type of task it is. Thus, our task management tool of KundenMeister brings structure into your working method and lets you accomplish daily CRM tasks optimally.

Regardless of whether these CRM tasks are sales, marketing or customer support activities, the KundenMeister task management covers tasks for projects, sales opportunities or individual contacts. Also the creation of a personal task list becomes child’s play with the software for task planning.

Task Management Software for the Whole Team

With the KundenMeister, the internal task processing can be controlled efficiently. Various functions help you to organize the work optimally in teams – at the push of a button upload relevant documents to tasks, store notes for your colleagues for a better task overview and use the link to the KundenMeister time tracking, task progress and invested working time for budgets and bills to record thoroughly.

Manage Tasks Online

Whether office, field service or home office, thanks to the online task planner, you can access your task list anytime and anywhere and work together with your colleagues and employees quite simply on the go. Since the entire task management is handled online, you benefit from real-time data. With the online task planner of KundenMeister, current task progress can be monitored better and further activities can be planned more effectively.