Time Recording

Via time recording module of KundenMeister your employees are able to record their working hours online and to allocate them to projects and customers.

Working hours at a glance

The web-based time recording module is easy to handle and very flexible. Working hours can be entered on projects or customers (contacts). Each employee has a great overview of all his/her hours performed. 

The great advantage of our time recording module is the integration into the entire KundenMeister CRM-solution. The time recording module provides important information and is therefore, an essential basis for the calculation and controlling of your company. The recording and analysis of working hours take place online.

Functional range of KundenMeister time recording module:

  • Automatic recording of the employees’ start and end of working hours
  • Allocation of hours to projects and customers
  • Recording of time of absence, like holidays, illness, consultation
  • Audit trail for every employee
  • Daily transfer of audit trail (evaluations according to employee/project) via E-mail (to the company’s CEO or controlling department)

The individual time recording functions are explained in more detail here in our video!

Find out more about the functions available to you in the KundenMeister time recording, here.