A networked exchange of knowledge and flexible access to learning content play a key role in many companies and organizations when it comes to training their employees or members.

Further Education for the Whole Company

These should be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and qualifications online, regardless of time and place, so that each person can customize the learning time individually to their daily routine and to the speed of learning. The success of an efficient eLearning system, exist in addition to the widespread dissemination and attractive presentation of the learning content but also in the control of learning success.

The KundenMeister eLearning ensures an effective knowledge transfer and the necessary interaction of various technologies, in order to provide optimal services in the field of education for your employees.

For example, an interface has been created between Open edX, an open-source platform for online courses, and the KundenMeister. Thus, the employees of a company or the members of an organization, in the simplest way can complete their courses managed by the KundenMeister. The courses are available as web-based modules via the edX platform.

Due to the perfect integration of the KundenMeister into the Open edX Learning Management System (LMS), the contacts created in the KundenMeister can log in to the platform in the simplest way and thus have access to the online courses. With the KundenMeister, it can also be defined, which persons should have access to which courses, so that only these appear when logging into the platform.

An important advantage of the KundenMeister eLearning program is the verification of the learning status of each person. Here, too, the optimal interaction between the KundenMeister and the Open edX LMS ensures that the training status is easily recorded. This includes keeping a log in the KundenMeister, which shows exactly how far the employees are in each individual learning module and what content has not yet been developed. As soon as contacts have logged into the learning platform and have completed a course, this is communicated to the KundenMeister via Open edX and stored in the software. In addition, the interface between the KundenMeister and edX also acts as an efficient evaluation tool with which companies and organizations can query the level of knowledge of their members.

With the help of the eLearning tool, the KundenMeister enables you to publish knowledge in your company at the push of a button and thus to provide learning courses tailored to the respective competencies and learning objectives of your employees. Thus, the flow of information can be optimally controlled and the necessary qualifications can be built up.