Candidate Selection

Increase your recruiting productivity and manage the entire applicant process, from initial candidate analysis to personal communication!

Efficient Search of Your Candidate Profiles

The own applicant search function in the KundenMeister allows a quick and effective search of your entire applicant database. With numerous fields, which of course are self-definable, you can narrow down your search for certain criteria and find the right candidate in seconds.

Find your results of the applicant search clearly listed. Directly from this view, you can perform various actions. For example, mark contacts that you would like to invite to a conversation and send them personalized messages by e-mail without much effort.

It is also possible to display your search results on a map. So you can always localize applicants and know suitable places in their environment.

Collaborative Decision

Internal evaluation and addition of comments make it easier to jointly select candidates and keep each employee informed about job progress.

No lengthy search in documents or folders – notes on interviews and telephone conversations as well as relevant application documents are filed directly to the profile of the candidates and arranged chronologically.

A full-text search also allows you to search through application documents for specific keywords that are of particular importance to the advertised position.