Recruiting Processes

With the KundenMeister, your recruiting process will be perfected through integrated task planning and evaluations.

Coordinate Appointments and Tasks

Setting up job advertisements, conducting interviews, evaluating candidates – an applicant process involves many important tasks and these must be organized in a structured way.

Since each job is created as a project in the software, you have the option of adding tasks to each individual project. Open tasks are visible at a glance and can be assigned to different employees.

Your Advantages of Task Management

  • A task system to support the HR process
  • Connecting employees from different locations
  • Automatic reminder functions relieve the heads of employees
  • Reduction of costs through a central administration
  • Increase productivity through online collaboration


As a professional recruiter, the KundenMeister also offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on the sales and costs of your recruiting processes. The clear graphics are generated automatically in the applicant software.

Perfect Your Job Channels

The applicant software called KundenMeister automatically records the sources from where your candidates come from.

Immediately you can see if most of the candidates have applied on the various job portals, your website or by unsolicited application and can optimize the ads of the less popular sources or expand the strong sources.

Export Your Data as an Excel File

The entire data within your applicant database can also be generated as an Excel file, making it easily accessible to all necessary persons in the simplest way possible.