A software that completely changes your project management

KundenMeister Projektmanagement offers access to tools and modules that can change your teams and work processes permanently. Companies can plan and implement projects strategically. Organize team tasks better. Share important documents with one another at the push of a button. Or record project times in order to keep an eye on key figures in project controlling.

Project planning software

With our project management software you are well equipped for the simultaneous handling and coordination of numerous projects. Thanks to the resource plan and Gantt charts, you are able to make accurate plans and ensure smooth workflows, while focusing on each milestone and compliance with the project budget.

  1. Overview of projects
    With our project management and the ability to define phases and teams with a click of the mouse, you can simplify project processes, increase the productivity of your employees and prevent deadlines from being missed. Thanks to cloud technology, your team is more mobile and can control your projects regardless of time and place.

  2. Control project finances
    In addition to the classic project budget, you set the hourly budget, an hourly fixed cost rate and commissions directly in our project management software so that you never lose sight of your finances.

Unique projects need unique settings

And because we know that project management in particular has to be flexible, every company can use the KundenMeister to create its own project view. Fields and positions are freely adjustable. For maximum flexibility. And 100% performance.

Task management software

With our project management software, your employees set goals and priorities for their tasks, track progress at all times thanks to time recording and thus ensure that your projects stay on schedule. The functions of our project tool can be flexibly adapted to the style of your team, so that you can use the KundenMeister project management in a way that works best for your team.

  1. Ideal cooperation
    Wherever you are, your tasks are synchronized across all devices. In this way, you can manage communication with customers and colleagues from anywhere in one place and ensure that all the information required to process your project is available.
  2. Simple project controlling
    Real-time reports and comprehensive time recording ensure that you always have an insight into the current status of your projects and that you can continuously monitor contribution margins, income and costs.

Full concentration on your projects

So that your team has more time to concentrate on the results and the completion of your projects, we use our project management software to automate repetitive, manual processes. For example, notifications are sent automatically when the project status changes or when a task is completed, which saves your team valuable time.

Software for digital communication

Important files such as offers, feedback, project reports and the like can be attached directly to projects and tasks, so that relevant information is always available and can be found quickly by the entire team. This enables optimal collaboration and new participants quickly gain insight into the full context.

  1. Structured filing
    Regardless of what type of document it is, you can store all your files in a structured manner in folder systems for your projects and tasks or share them with responsible persons via a share link.

  2. Keep everyone up to date
    You can use your own mail templates to inform your team, external partners or customers about important progress or changes to your projects. Placeholders ensure personalized messages, while automated templates make administrative work superfluous.

Communication in a nutshell

You can use the comment function of our project management software to get in touch with your colleagues, exchange feedback and keep each other up to date. A chronological sorting as well as the individual selection of categories and the assignment of tags make the search for necessary information much easier and more comprehensible.

Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Head of sales & Authorised Signatory

Our contact person for project management software is available to you at any time by phone or email. We would also be happy to make an appointment for an exclusive consultation or training session.